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Nagib E. Gebran

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JAN. 27 The Nagib E. Gebran Open (USCF Membership required) 5SS, G/25 d5. Judson Memorial Church, Assembly Hall, New York 10012; Use 239 Thompson street entrance (between Washington Square South and West 3rd Street, southern entrance) and go downstairs. Near the West 4th Street Subway. $$G: $400-$300-$200, U2200 $150, U2000 $100, U1800 $100. Mixed Doubles Bonus Prize: best male/female 2- player "team" combined score: $100 (average rating U2200, sign up by 2:30; teammate pairings avoided but possible). EF: $30 if by 1/19; $35 between 1/20 and 1/25 at: Onsite EF is $40. Register: 12-12:30. Rounds: 1-2:30-3:45-5-6:15. Info:; Bring clocks and sets. Limit two byes; must commit by 2:30. Entries may be limited to first 60 players.

Manhattan Chess Club, [Date "1991
[White "Colias, Billy"], [Black "Gebran, Nagib …

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